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Welcome to pHp-Fusion.Org

Welcome to PHP-Fusion.Org.
Here you see a standard installation of PHP-Fusion an Open Source CMS.

PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP.
It uses a MySQL database to store the web site's content and comes with an easy administration system.

PHP-Fusion has the following major features: news, articles, forums, photogallery, web links, downloads, polls, shoutbox, PM (personal message system), search, themes.

PHP-Fusion is easy to expand the standard installation with so-called "infusions" or "add ons" and themes.

Latest full version:
pHp-Fusion v7.02.07 full + locale update 7.02.07

Update to latest:
pHp-Fusion v7.02.07 update files + locale update 7.02.07
You can register here and ask your questions.
If you can contribute and want to help this site then contact me for a position in the admin crew.
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php help

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Never mind...I got to work.

  Modifications to forum index.php « Meer onderwerpen
2725 8 afoster
27-02-2019 18:47

Get email when new user registers

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Probably not. I plan to make this work with v9 also. But I have not done anything with v9 yet.

  Modifications to sendmail_include.php « Meer onderwerpen
7874 2 Fusioneer
07-12-2016 08:29

php-fusion.co.uk down, second day now

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Any one can shed a light on what is going on with php-fusion.co.uk? It's the second day now there is a default webhosting page. An upgrade gone wrong? Website hacked. No backups.

  Modifications to maincore.php « Meer onderwerpen
3662 0 Fusioneer
31-08-2016 17:15

function hide_email with noscript message for v7 and v9

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If JavaScript is disabled no email address is displayed which is just fine! But I felt the need to display a message instead of nothing. For [big]v7[/big] edit maincore.php, for [big]v9[/big]...

  Modifications to maincore.php « Meer onderwerpen
10167 0 Fusioneer
27-12-2015 20:08

[Mod] Better inernal linking, improved breadcrumbs.

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This mod is for php-fusion v7.02.07. Not sure if this would be needed for v9. What will it do? Make link in breadcrumbs in /forum/viewforum.php and /forum/viewthread.php (where there was no li...

  Modifications to forum index.php « Meer onderwerpen
5235 0 Fusioneer
15-07-2015 14:47

Trio panel with latest threads, news and articles

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I have a slightly different version in use on other sites. You're welcome to try that one. If the panel does not show up change -90 days to -900 days. I've attached that other version.

  Panels/infusions (add ons) « Meer onderwerpen
21201 22 Fusioneer
15-07-2015 13:56

BBcode overview page

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To encourage the usage of BBcodes I made a public page where all enabled BBcodes are shown. Including their usage and description. View the attached picture to get an idea how it looks or visit ...

  Modifications to BBcodes « Meer onderwerpen
5550 0 Fusioneer
25-03-2015 14:22

Add edit message to Quickreply panel

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You just posted a message and want to add extra information to your message. Lots of people just hit the reply button or even worse quote themselves. In php-fusion we have a post merger option...

  Modifications to viewthread.php « Meer onderwerpen
19419 0 Fusioneer
19-01-2015 07:47

ICh kann keine Infusionen installieren

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Es ist das blanke 7.02.07 Von hier . Es wurde nur das White Theme genutzt .

  includes\jscript.js « Meer onderwerpen
6061 4 hanifkhan
20-12-2014 12:11

Insert an advertisement panel between forum posts

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Here is the code I use on this site. Remember to check the option "show on all pages". GeSHi: PHPif (FUSION_SELF == "viewthread.php") {ob_start();echo "<tr><td colspan='2' class='tbl1 forum_thre...

  Panels, share youre code « Meer onderwerpen
19994 1 Fusioneer
16-12-2014 10:41

Fixing special characters in sendmail_include.php

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I have a solution for that: Just 400px to small for geshi_bbcode and others

  Modifications to sendmail_include.php « Meer onderwerpen
6203 2 Fusioneer
12-11-2014 17:18

Adding Additional Form Fields

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Good day, Is there an infusion available that allows an administrator to add custom fields to the submit news form? I wish to add form fields that will allow the user to submit news with a bi...

  PHP-Fusion usage « Meer onderwerpen
4185 0 resbensen
03-11-2014 12:30

Profile.php click ip adres to see whois information

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Thanks for this code

  Modifications to protect your website « Meer onderwerpen
39434 1 nehal
28-10-2014 14:27

img BBcode [img]bigger images in post[/img]

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Creating this thread, Install PHP-Fusion, a mini tutorial, I wanted to display the admin screens bigger as the standard allows. Here is how: Edit /includes/jscript.js Unfortunately I cannot sho...

  Modifications to BBcodes « Meer onderwerpen
5083 0 Fusioneer
24-10-2014 13:40

Fix for pointer in jscript.js

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I will let you know if this works for me Thanks and keep posting such a informative blogs

  includes\jscript.js « Meer onderwerpen
4786 1 eshall
13-10-2014 06:49
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