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[Mod] Better inernal linking, improved breadcrumbs.
This mod is for php-fusion v7.02.07. Not sure if this would be needed for v9.

What will it do?
Make link in breadcrumbs in /forum/viewforum.php and /forum/viewthread.php (where there was no link before) so you can go directly to the right section in /forum/index.php.

Files to mod: /forum/index.php, /forum/viewforum.php and /forum/viewthread.php

Open /forum/index.php
Download source  GeSHi: PHP
  1. echo "<tr>\n<td colspan='2' class='forum-caption forum_cat_name'><!--forum_cat_name-->".$data['forum_cat_name']."\n<span class='small'>&nbsp;".$data['forum_cat_description']."</span></td>\n";
Parsed in 0.028 seconds, using GeSHi

And replace with:
Download source  GeSHi: PHP
  1. echo "<tr>\n<td colspan='2' class='forum-caption forum_cat_name'><!--forum_cat_name--><h2 style='display:inline;font-size:15px;' />
  2. <a id='".str_replace(array(" ",",",".","--"), "-", strtolower($data['forum_cat_name']))."' >".$data['forum_cat_name']."</a>\n<span class='small'>&nbsp;".$data['forum_cat_description']."</span></td>\n";
Parsed in 0.013 seconds, using GeSHi

Open /forum/viewforum.php and /forum/viewthread.php for both
Download source  GeSHi: PHP
  1. $caption = $fdata['forum_cat_name']." » <a href='viewforum.php?forum_id=".$fdata['forum_id']."' title='".$fdata['forum_name']."'>".$fdata['forum_name']."</a>";
Parsed in 0.012 seconds, using GeSHi

And replace with:
Download source  GeSHi: PHP
  1. $caption = "<a href='/forum/index.php#".str_replace(array(" ",",",".","--"), "-", strtolower($fdata['forum_cat_name']))."'>".$fdata['forum_cat_name']."</a> » <a href='viewforum.php?forum_id=".$fdata['forum_id']."' title='".$fdata['forum_name']."'>".$fdata['forum_name']."</a>";
Parsed in 0.014 seconds, using GeSHi

Attached are some pictures from before and after the mod.
Fusioneer attached the following file:
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