Smiley smiley Smileys Insert smiley bbcode
B b Displays selected text as bold [b]Text to bold[/b]
I i Makes selected text italic [i]Text to italic[/i]
U u Makes selected text underlined [u]Text to underline[/u]
Url url Makes a URL clickable [url(=Display link as)]URL[/url]
Mail mail Makes email adress clickable [mail(=Email address)]Email address or text to display as[/mail]
Img img Displays image from given URL address [img]Image URL[/img]
Center center Aligns selected text to center [center]Text to center[/center]
Small small Displays selected text as small [small]Text to small[/small]
Code code Displays text as code [code]Some code[/code]
Quote quote Quoting selected text [quote]Text to quote[/quote]
Geshi geshi GeSHi code highlighter Utiliser [geshi=Code language name]Text code to highlight via GeSHi Class[/geshi]
Bcolor bcolor Color background of selected text [bcolor=#HEX background color value]Color background of selected text[/bcolor]
Color color Color selected text [color=#HEX color value with hash]Color selected text[/color]
Ulist ulist Creates unordered list from specified type [ulist=(disc|circle|square)]Text 1 :enter: Text 2 :enter: etc[/ulist]
Olist olist Creates ordered list for specified type [olist=(1|a|A|i|I)]Text 1 :enter: Text 2 :enter: etc[/olist]
Youtube youtube YouTube Flash Video Embedder [youtube]YouTube movie ID to display[/youtube]